OBS Studio 27 2 1

OBS Studio 27 2 1


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Open Broadcaster Software
Author URL: https://github.com/mobile


Video recording and live streaming software
Open Broadcaster Software Studio is an open-source software for real-time video editing and live streaming. Otherwise known as OBS Studio, this program has a built-in video editor and audio mixer that allows you to record, edit, and broadcast simultaneously. You can also integrate multiple sources of media into the program such as window captures, browser windows, webcams, capture cards, etc. By combining your hardware with its extensive set of tools, you can enhance your live streams on any Windows computer running Windows SP1 or newer. 

The area of OBS Studio where you’ll be spending most of your time will be Scenes and Sources. It’s important to note that Scenes are just one of the Sources in the program. Other sources include Audio Input/Output Capture, Game Capture, Media Source, Text Pango, VLC Video Source, etc. Once you have selected from the Sources list, you will see a red line around the Source’s window. This signifies that the window can be repositioned, resized or cropped. The cropping capability will come in handy when you want to remove other programs from being seen.
Scenes, on the other hand, can come from various visual sources. You can create an unlimited number of Scenes but make sure that it does not have the same name as a Source. For example, you can not have a Scene labeled ‘Game’ when a Source has already taken the same name. You can switch between Scenes using the available Scene transitions. You can add them by clicking the plus button on the Scene transitions button. Before adding any transition, remember to configure its duration and motion. 

Powerful streaming program
OBS Studio has other features that can enhance the appearance of your broadcast such as Scene Filters, Mixers, SRT Protocols, etc. With so many features, OBS is best suited for experienced broadcasters or streamers that want to access all their sources and editing tools in one platform. New users or hobbyists can use this as well. It can be overwhelming in the beginning but its plain and organized interface will help you learn the locations and uses of each tool. 

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