Parallels Desktop Business Edition v17 1 1-51537 macOS

Parallels Desktop Business Edition v17 1 1-51537 macOS


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Full_version
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Parallels International
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Create Virtual Machines With Parallels Desktop
Parallels Desktop is a super powerful and efficient virtual desktop manager. It lets you easily switch between multiple virtual desktops, all with the same interface and the same features and functions. With Parallels Desktop, everything you need is configured on a web browser and you can start working right away. Whether you want Windows or Linux, you will be prompted only to download and install Windows or utilize your existing Boot Camp setup.
If you have been wondering whether it is possible for one to mix both Windows and Mac applications on the same computer, the answer is "maybe". But if you want to go the easy route and only have to spend less for the software license, maybe you should think about using Parallels Desktop with Linux or Mac OS. With Parallels Desktop, you can easily switch between multiple Linux and mac desktop simulators, without having to spend tons of money. All of these apps can easily be combined into one interface, but you can switch back and forth between them with just one click of the mouse.
Also, if you own more than one USB devices such as a printer and scanner, many programs let you manage these virtual machines from a single place, even if they are on different MAC computers. You can select which device to use for input and output and which to use in parallel. Even better, with Parallels Desktop, there are a multitude of add-ons you can install that will help you customize and tweak your virtual machine experience even further. You can even make sure that certain Windows applications never show on your Mac OS X virtual machines. All in all, it makes great sense to leverage the power of a multi-platform operating system like Windows and create virtual machines that run both Windows applications and Mac OS X applications with ease and efficiency.

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