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License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: CoderBag
Author URL: https://coderbag.com/


Free app for optimising CPU performance
Quick CPU is a free real-time CPU performance optimisation program for Windows. In the past, the main requirement of a computer was a high performance, and the vast majority of people had only desktop computers. 
However, with the growth of mobile computing, equal importance is placed on power consumption and efficiency. Whether for business or personal use, users don’t want to run out of battery when they can’t get to a power outlet. With Quick CPU, you can customise your computer’s performance instead of relying on Windows’ built-in CPU management. Another tool that can help your PC to run better is UEFITool.

Although Windows has performance management tools, they don’t allow for precise adjustment of the CPU. Many factors influence computer performance, including computer temperature and CPU state. These elements are difficult to predict, but Quick CPU scales CPU frequency up or down to optimise efficiency.

Power plan management
Quick CPU makes it easy to manage your device’s power plan. As well as creating a power plan, you can also activate, deactivate and import and export power plans. It gives you a far more comprehensive way of controlling your device’s power profile than the native Windows facility provides.

CPU management 
One of Quick CPU’s tools is called C-states (core idle states). To make the best possible use of your device’s power consumption, Quick CPU manages the cores within the CPU. It activates or deactivates individual cores according to the device’s workload. Quick CPU is designed to fine-tune and monitor CPU so you get more hours of use from a full battery charge.

Our take
We found Quick CPU to be extremely effective at managing power and performance on our Windows devices. Due to the detailed control and monitoring the app facilitates, the user interface would be daunting to the average home user. However, although you don’t have to delve into individual settings within the Windows operating system, this program is still beneficial for users with a high level of knowledge in this area.

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